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Questions tagged [vector-graphics]

For questions about scalable 2D graphics based on vector operations, as opposed to raster graphics. For example, polygons, Bézier curves and ellipses.

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scan line conversion

I am going throug the topic scan line conversion where the scan line parallel to the x-axis is put through the intersection test with all the edges of the polygon. Would there be any large ...
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How to draw an orthogonal graph from its edges and vertices data?

I am writing a software and I need to represent an graph in a orthogonal manner from topological data (vector of edges,vertices and their connectivity data) Graphs consist of a set of vertices and a ...
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Algorithm to extract key points from line drawing

I have orthographic 3-view black and white line drawings like this: I would like to extract a set of 'key points' from this kind of drawing. By 'key point', I mean corners and a few points along ...
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How do freehand vector drawing tools typically decide where to place the control points?

I'm devising an algorithm to take a freehand curve and make a bezier spline from it. I can do this already just fine, but it's a naive implementation that creates about as many bezier curves as there ...
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How to add HemisphereLight to a simple threejs scene?

I'm trying to add light and see its changes in a simple scene in threejs but no matter the intensity or the color I set for the light, I see no change in a scene. Actually, if I don't include the ...
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Plotting software used in old scientific papers

Does anyone know what software was used in many old scientific papers (please see attached example). I love the clean look of the graph and the typeface. Thanks. Graph example
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Vectorizing half tone images

Vectorizing continuous tone images is often met with color palette reduction and visual artifacts. Half-tone images, on the hand, have constant patterns in their tones, which would intuitively lead to ...
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How to encode UTF inside an Encapsulated PostScript

Twenty years ago I made a descriptive illustration program whose output was the industrial standard Encapsulated PostScript, which is also compatible with the LaTeX system. In order to write accented ...
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How to do a scanline fill with a self intersecting polygon?

I have a bezier curve and would like to draw it's stroke. To do that, I planned to approximate the stroke to a polygon and fill it with a scanline algorithm. While I feel confident about implementing ...
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How to programmatically extract shape types like circle etc from SVG file path attributes

I have paths in SVG file with d attributes with values like M 48.75521890547264 45.77014427860697 Q 48.756218905472636 45.77114427860697 50.24875621890547 45....
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How can I convert a shape made out of pixels to vertices

I'm trying to implement the solution to get the minimum dissection into rectangles of a rectilinear polygon. My shape is made out of pseudo-pixels (different width/height) but for the moment let's ...
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Point a normal vector towards a point in 3D-Space

Given a normal vector in 3D-Space, how can I rotate the vector, such it points to a point in 3D-Space. I tried couple of ways doing this, which ended up looking completely wrong.
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How to programmatically extract all rectangle shapes from SVG file?

I have a SVG which contains rectangles with other shapes. How can I extract all rectangle details(co-ordinates, height and width)? Find below svg details where I kept only one rectangle for reference. ...
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How to get world coordinates from a 4X4 camera matrix

I have Intel T265 camera which has a camera coordinates system like following diagram: The camera system has two cameras and the center of the two cameras is the position of the camera system. The ...
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Changing Coordinate Frames with Affine Transformations

Stuck with this questions could I get some help. where uA and vA are two orthonormal vectors indicating the two axes, and oA is the origin. Suppose that all three frames of reference shown in ...
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Mathematics in Computer Graphics

Can you please recommend some topic for research work related to mathematics in CG? (Maybe something like "Affine transformations in CG")
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Non linear transformation of vector graphic

I want to do a non-linear transformation of a svg in python. My specific problem is to transform a rectangular svg image into a frustum like image, for which i have a mathematical equation of the form ...
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