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Per-object screen space uv issue

I am currently trying to sample a texture in screen space. This works well : ...
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Groupshared memory and parallel reduction over multiple kernel dispatch

I am doing some parallel reduction and mostly following these nVidia slides. However they are not very detailed in places or I might be missing/misunderstanding something. Edit 2: While I figured ...
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Help understanding Texture2D multi-sampling semantics: Why do we need sample index AND location?

Looking at the windows HLSL documentation for Texture2DMS.Load found here: can someone help me better understand different ...
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Combine box shadow with a signed distance field

I'm using 2d signed distance fields in my current project for drawing shapes (example: and I want to add drop shadows to them. At first I thought I could exploit ...
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Streaming video camera input from WebCamTexture on mobile? (Possibly via WebRTC or websocket?)

I'm building an application where I stream video camera feed from one mobile device to another in Unity. I tried searching for answers, but most of the topics deal with how to display a video stream, ...
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Unity crashes when running path tracing

I'm studying path tracing, at the moment I created a compute shader that aims to calculate the intersection of rays with meshes. However, when I run the code the unity crashes, displaying a graphics ...
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Unity path tracing makes the pc crash

Good Morning. I'm testing Path Tracing techniques with unity, following this tutorial. But I'm in trouble. Whenever I try to ...
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Problem with Quad-based Tessellation in GLSL generating incorrect vertex ordered tessellation

I am trying to perform quad-based tessellation using GLSL on Unity to be able to render polynomial-based parametric surfaces on a Unity quad. The quad-based tessellation using GLSL seems to be ...
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Unity: Pass texture pointer from OpenGL to Unity

I'm working on a scene in Unity where I have textures loaded at runtime. As a result of that, the scene is being slowed down (even with co-routines), so I thought maybe I could move the texture ...
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