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Compute angles and thereby endpoints in a raster grid?

I am at the moment having some issues with computing an endpoint in a raster grid that is also a valid position in a graph. I am trying to draw a line between these two points, but as the point I am ...
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Ear-clipping algorithm for non-planar polygons

I was looking into the ear-clipping algorithm for triangulating simple polygons. I have successfully implemented it on planar polygons. However if polygon is non-planar the algorithm breaks down. ...
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Constructing half-edges table from triangle list without hash

Motivation I am trying to refine a mesh such that each triangle gets subdivided into 4 triangles, but I want the vertices to be shared. For that purpose I need a half-edge data structure so I can ...
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How Skia uses OpenGL backend?

Skia 2D's one notable backend in OpenGL, but how does it work under the hood to render? Say, we need to draw an anti-aliased circle. Does Skia: make a quad (using 2 triangles) and paint the circle ...
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Convert triangulated object to a polygonized object

Is there an efficient algorithm to convert a 3D object described with a set of triangles to a 3D object described with a set of polygons. Polygons can have an arbitrary number of points, more is ...
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Triangle Rasterization Shaking Issues

I am making a Software renderer, and I noticed that there is a screen shaking like effect happening. shown in the first video: I tried doing filling without clipping against the small square, and the ...
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Zebra-Like Patterns Generated By Linear PDE

I wrote some code which basically computes the color value $c_{t+1,x,y}$ of a pixel at time $t+1$ and position $(x,y)$ by taking adding linear transformations of the values $c_{t,x,y}-c_{t-1,x,y}$, $...
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MMP Geodesic algorithm I need clarification

I am reading the 1987 paper on Geodesics on polyhedra and I am confused on something. The paper states: If $I1==NIL$, the channel is simply that part of $f’$ to the left of $\beta_2c_2$; and if $I2==...
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