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enable / disable transform feedback within glsl for specific primitives

I am using the tessellation shader stage to increase the density of triangles close to camera. Thereby when the camera is too close to a triangle, so that the maximum tessellation is not high enough, ...
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How khronos flame swing effect is done?

This demo: Contains multiple effects that can be done with WebGL. I've been able to recreate some of them, but for example I don't ...
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is doing transform feedback while rendering vertices not possible?

I've written a program that uses OpenGL and GLFW to display some simple geometric shapes. I'm now trying to add some transform feedback capability to it and I find that as soon as I do so, the program ...
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Directly use Transform Feedback primitive count as instance count for drawing

When using Transform Feedback to capture the vertices generated by the primtive generation stage, we can use glDrawTransformFeedback to directly draw the generated ...
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Is there a DSA technique for transform feedback?

The typical way I see transform feedback being used is: ...
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