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Questions tagged [terminology]

For questions about words, phrases and definitions that are specific to computer graphics.

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Is there a name for the values of a material at a point?

As I understand it, the usual concept of a “material” in computer graphics, particularly 3D modeling, is a set of parameters (for example, color, specular reflectivity, IOR, light emission, etc.), ...
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Is text one form of graphics?

I don't know if this is the right stack exchange for this question, but I couldn't find a better one, so I am posting it here. My question is, is text considered a form of graphics? As I am writing ...
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What is the common term for the distinction between vector and raster data?

Data formats for images (but also for geospacial or geometric data) are usually classified in "vector data" and "raster data". Does this classification have a commonly used name? I ...
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Isotropic vs Anisotropic Textures

I am reading the paper Texture Synthesis over Arbitrary Manifold Surfaces available here. On page $3$ on the right sight of the page they refer to isotropic and anisotropic textures. I am familiar ...
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Is there a term to refer to a cube-break-down process?

The image shown below illustrate the process to break a cube down into 4 small equal cubes. Is there a term to refer to this process, something like cube-break-down? Why would I like to know the ...
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What is shader warming, and why does Direct3D seem to avoid it?

I am involved in a project that had been modified to run on Apple and Linux computers, when it was originally Windows only. Specifically, Metal and Vulkan renderers have been written alongside the ...
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Is "generative art" the best term for describing graphical techniques like ASCII art or photo mosaics?

I'm researching generative art using computers, and I'm looking to see if there's a more specific term for types of image manipulation techniques like ASCII art or photo mosaics that can narrow down ...
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Does this blur background effect have a specific name The entire video is a tutorial on how to achieve the desired effect, the snippet linked is a demo of it. In words the image/video is taken, expanded to fill and ...
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Is there a term for mapping between two arbitrary quadrilaterals without using homography / perspective projection?

When warping the contents of an arbitrary quadrilateral to another by extrapolating equal points along both the "lengths" and "widths", thus ignoring all perspective effects / foreshortening, we are ...
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What is the name of toroidal 2D space

I have a 2D space of dimensions (X,Y) with toroidal properties : In this space, when a point A(x,y) change it's position such as x is getting > X or < 0, then x becomes (x % X). So when the point ...
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What aspects of GPU architecture are computer graphics programmers expected to be intimately familiar with? [closed]

I am an aspiring CG programmer and would like to know what some of the more nuanced aspects of computer architecture are. I have already taken several introductory arch courses where we've covered ...
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Texture Parts Terminology

I'm generalizing my texturing code, and have become confused by the frankly contradictory information about textures' pieces. Specifically, I'm looking to understand what exactly the terms "face", "...
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What does it mean by a Constraint-based Graphics System?

Scratchpad was a constraint-based graphics system. What does it mean by a Constraint-based Graphics System?
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What is the practical difference between 3D Graphics Engine, 3D Game Engine, 3D ........?

What is the practical difference between 3D Graphics Engine (OGRE), 3D Game Engine (Quake), 3D Software Rendering Engine, 3D Graphics API (OpenGL/DirectX)? Is OpenGL/DirectX a 3D Graphics API or a 3D ...
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What is the meaning of words 'stochastic', 'temporal' in computer graphics?

Last time I see a lot of papers which operates on this words, i.e. stochastic AA, temporal coherence etc. What does that means? Can you provide examples with explanations in plain English?
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Ray-based rendering terms [closed]

There are a number of terms for rendering techniques based on the particle model of light: forward ray-tracing, reverse ray-tracing, ray-casting, ray-marching, and possibly others. What's the ...
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