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Theoretical speedup from sample number in path tracing algorithm

Suppose, in a Kajiya style path tracing algorithm, I have 100x100 pixels, and I am using 32 samples per pixel. So, the total ...
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Ray tracing Supersampling patterns : pre-computing them?

This wikipedia page explains the principle of patterning in Supersampling. However, I have a question: should the pattern be constant for every pixel? Of course, the pattern will be constant for a &...
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MSAA performance with forward shading

I have done some tests in OpenGL with multisampling, by specifying a multisample buffer as the default framebuffer. I used forward shading for rendering. From what I've observed the more primitives I ...
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How to render a rotated raster image with lesser aliasing

I am wondering about techniques for rendering a rotated and or scaled raster image. Currently I use the following algorithm Render everything at double resolution and store the result in ...
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Math for adaptive supersampling for raytracing

How do I determine how many (jittered) rays to trace for a given pixel, as a function of the statistics of a small initial set of test rays? Also, what size should the initial set be? (it's currently ...
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Multiple samples per pixel and texture blurring

As far as I know path tracers (or super-sampling antialiasing) typically calculate the final color of a single pixel by averaging the result of all samples taken inside that pixel. This gives a nice ...
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Sample color calculation in rotated grid supersampling

I'm rendering a scene using scanline method. In order to get rid of aliasing we need to render a scene with higher resolution (2x, for example). I'm trying to figure out how to calculate the color of ...
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Anisotropic filtering and multisample anti-aliasing

Anisotropic filtering and multisample anti-aliasing both imply supersampling. In EWA and (derived) Feline AF algorithms a non-uniform weighted average is used. But in case of MSAA not. Why this is ...
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Nearest depth upsampling

Nvidia in this article presented a way to upsample low res buffer to full res buffer called Nearest Depth Upsampling. This works by comparing four depth values from downsampled low res depth buffer ...
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Do animation studios like Pixar, Dreamworks, and Disney use super-sampling?

Does any of their rendering techniques involve rendering an area at a higher resolution just to scale it down in order to mitigate artifacts? I know they use ray methods rather than rasterization ...
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What is the fundamental reasoning for anti aliasing using multiple random samples within a pixel?

In graphics, it's common to take multiple samples within the bounds of a pixel and combine them together (most commonly just doing an average) for a final sample pixel color. This has the effect of ...
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Anti-aliasing / Filtering in Ray Tracing

In ray tracing / path tracing, one of the simplest way to anti-alias the image is to supersample the pixel values and average the results. IE. instead of shooting every sample through the center of ...
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