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Consistent Video Depth Estimation from Monocular Lens to approximate LiDAR?

If the iPhone had LiDAR sensors, it would be possible to generate a 3D point cloud that you could theoretically use to furnish a 3D AR reconstruction of your surroundings. E.g. you could create an AR ...
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Stereoscopic 3D app development

I want to create an application to visualize image pairs in stereoscopic 3D. I want it to have a cursor that can move left and right, but also in and out. I think the way to achieve this is to draw a ...
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Is it possible to render red / blue 3d from one image and a depth buffer?

To render an image for use with red & blue 3d glasses, the usual way to do it is to render from one point of view, convert it to a single intensity (greyscale) value per pixel, and then put that ...
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Is depth of field incongruous in a 3D still image?

If rendering an image in 2D, adding depth of field effects (blurring objects further from the focal distance) adds realism and draws the eye to the object of the image. With a 3D (i.e. stereo) image, ...