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Problem with specular BRDF (Monte Carlo & Path Tracing)

Above on the left is my attempt and on the right is what I'm aiming for.As you can see my sphere with the specular brdf has a weird dark ring In my radiance function I am recursing through the ...
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"Charlie" Sheen BRDF's directional albedo integrates to values higher than 1 at low roughnesses. Does this mean it is not energy conserving?

I am implementing the BRDF from the 2017 paper "Production Friendly Microfacet Sheen BRDF". This BRDF is modelled as a coat layer stacked on top of a base specular. In order to do so in an ...
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How to simulate specular reflection in Light Tracing?

I am implementing light tracing from this website. The right wall on the below image is perfect mirror(specular reflection). Its BRDF returns zero that's why it's been rendered black. But how is it ...
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Calculation of reflection vector in Phong specular lighting

I wrote the following phong reflection model for ray tracing in Rust, but I am not sure about the calculation of a reflection vector for the specular reflection. ...
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Temporal reprojection of specular reflection - finding previous frame color

In specular reflection result depends on view vector from camera to point. Because of that, when doing temporal reprojection and reprojecting position of current fragment while camera is translating, ...
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Pathtracing specular reflections vs. specular highlights

In path-tracing, is a specular reflection model like Blinn-Phong useful? Is it more accurate to render a complete reflection dependent on the objects roughness?
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Unable to compute fresnel reflections properly

I am implementing fresnel reflections for materials in my renderer. According to this source, here the look I should obtain when rendering a sphere over a grey background: I have two implementations. ...
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Adding specular reflections to a ripple simulation

I am following the algorithm shown in this code here. Essentially there is a simple simulation of heights and then the difference in heights on the x and y axis respectively (sampling adjacent points) ...
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