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Silhouette edge detection alternatives to Sobel

I'm trying to implement a silhouette detection algorithm in post-processing. I've come across solutions based on Sobel/Roberts cross/... filters and I was wondering if there are more accurate ...
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1 answer

Edge-aware spatial denoising (Ambient Occlusion)

Reading through the source code of the XeGTAO project I found this function while looking for the denoise filter: ...
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2 answers

Rasterization: How does hardware disambiguate identical Z values at silhouette edges?

I have written a software rasterizer, and have encountered a (literal) edge case. At the silhouette edge of a typical object, you have two triangles—the front face and the back face. They are not ...
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3 answers

Silhouette below 3D model

There are some 3D applications which can cast shadow or silhouette below 3D models. They render pretty fast and smooth. I wonder what kind of technology is the standard procedure to get 3D model ...
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1 answer

How fast should I expect to render the silhouette of a 20k triangle model?

Using VTK 7.0 I have found that rendering a 20k triangle STL model takes approximately 17ms on my Nvidia GTX970. However, I am only interested in the silhouette of this model (like the image below) ...
6 votes
1 answer

Silhouette curve for isometric surface of revolution

I am trying to figure out how to convert a flat representation of a curve into the silhouette of a surface of revolution in a isometric projection. In essence in want the planar cut of the surface ...
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1 answer

How to find silhouette for concaver

Given a point light source, a eye position, we can find the silhouette (outline) of the given model. We can first find the silhouette edge, project the model into a 2-D plane, then traverse all ...