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Cascaded shadow maps. Seams between cascades

I implemented cascaded shadow maps, where shadow maps for each cascade is rendered to one canvas: The light projections for each cascade are calculated from the bounding spheres of camera sub-...
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Percentage-closer Soft Shadows implementation

I am trying to implement the Percentage-closer Soft Shadows (PCSS) from NVidia inside Unity but I am facing some issue and I don't know where they come from and then, I do not know how to solve them......
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Projective Texture / Shadow Mapping -- Why is the perspective division performed in the fragment shader?

I've just worked my way through this OpenGL shadow mapping tutorial. While I understand the basic algorithm, one thing puzzles me: During the 2nd render pass all vertices are transformed into the clip ...
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How can you efficiently get the last element occluding light when rendering shadows?

A long time ago I made an application that used volumetric rendering and I developed some shadowing equations that I felt very happy with, since they have pretty good results. For these equations to ...
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Convolution shadow mapping apply filter

I've implemented the convolution shadow mapping technique (CSM) and want to apply a gaussian filter to receive soft shadows. The filter size of the filtered pixels is not static. With help of a summed ...
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ShadowMap artifacts when moving on the map

I have a problem which I believe is caused by the fragment shader code I use, however I'm not entirely sure. The issue is this: I’ve been playing with few examples using Cesium (3D globe) and ...
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Receiver plane depth bias - matrix explanation / derivation

This source on slide 38 on receiver plane depth bias I can find compute a matrix (Jacobian of screen space uv derivatives) which is used to transform the screen space depth derivatives from screen ...
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Doubt about Light space transform (Shadow map)

at this moment I am learning to do shadow mapping in webgl2.0, i was able to generate my first shadows in my 3D scene but I have a couple of doubts to clarify. This is the way im calculating my light ...
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Shadow mapping with non-directional light

I'm new to openGL and I was following this tutorial in which they showed how to make shadow maps but I could't understand how to get it to work for non-directional lights. They have some instructions ...
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