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Why is Forward Rendering/Shading named this way?

Forward rendering is the 'classic' approach to the rendering pipeline. Nowadays it is mostly replaced by a more flexible, deferred rendering approach. I did some research and had trouble finding ...
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Irradiance field approximation with black probes

I'm posting here after some time searching the Internet and reading presentations and papers, to find out the best options to solve the problem I have. I'm implementing irradiance field with ...
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Optimal Command Ordering for CPU/GPU concurrency

I am writing a renderer that uses a deferred clustered shading technique. On the CPU I group lights, decals, and environment maps into 3 seperate clustered structures (functionally, arrays of unsigned ...
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How can you efficiently get the last element occluding light when rendering shadows?

A long time ago I made an application that used volumetric rendering and I developed some shadowing equations that I felt very happy with, since they have pretty good results. For these equations to ...
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Interpolating normals during animation

I'm doing linear tweening of a cyllinder to a cone of equal radius and height in OpenGL. I know parametric equations of both of them, so I derived vertex normals accordingly. Now, I know, that proper ...
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General interpolation practices

Say my animation scenario contains one mesh interpolating into another (possibly approximating over other meshes), using Bezier curves. I know that for smooth surfaces, where normals can be ...
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Ray tracing of a diffuse material sphere doesn't work, the sphere just shades black

I made this ray tracer in javascript to run on html with imageData. I have been using the book "Ray Tracing in One Weekend" as a reference (
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Dark line artifact along edges of the shaded mesh

I have implemented an algorithm to calculate vertex normals by taking the normalized average of all its adjacent triangles. I have subdivided a cube two times with catmull clark and checked the ...
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Help me understand the derivation of this tangent space to object space matrix

I was trying to follow this But had problem understanding formula 7.33. $$p_i-p_j=(u_i-u_j)\mathrm{t}+(v_i-v_j)\mathrm{b}$$ * $p_i,p_j$ being ...
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Changing shader color

I have the following .fx file for my shader: ...
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Color shading and light calculation for ray tracing

I am currently building a ray tracer and I came across a problem and confusion regarding the light calculations. For lighting, I am using the following mathematical model: Where ...
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