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Programmatically generating vertex normals

I'm working with Kinect face api, it provides an array of vertices and indices for triangles which is to be rendered to make the face image. The no of vertices and their order in array as well as the ...
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Is a Lambertian reflector illuminated by a smaller fraction of the incident radiation when it's tilted?

In reading about Lambertian reflectance on Wikipedia I found the following phrase (in bold) which doesn't sound right to me: In computer graphics, Lambertian reflection is often used as a model for ...
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Trying to implement Microfacet BRDF but my result images are wrong

I am trying to implement microfacet BRDF model. I am reading Sebastien Lagarde's slides. I implemented formulas to my code but i think result image is wrong. Yellow is base color of material. ...
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What's the difference between geometric surface normal and shading surface normal?

In my opinion, geometric surface normal is the cross product of triangle edge vectors, and shading surface normal is the interpolation of the predefined normals at the three vertexes. I used Mitsuba ...
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How to dynamically calculate texture coordinates in a vertex shader with OpenGL?

I modified my code, and tried to pass a set of integers specifying the face of a cube (top, bottom left...) to the vertex shader in order to draw multiple instances of a cube face. I did this by ...
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Paper for the approximation formula provided by Brian Karis

In these slides, specifically page 11, the following formula is reported: $$ \frac{1}{N} \sum_{k=1}^N \frac{L_i(l_k)f(l_k,v)\cos(\theta_{l_k})}{p(l_k,v)} \approx \left( \frac{1}{N} \sum_{k=1}^N L_i(...
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Why do 3d modeling packages use a single normal per polygon and how is this viable for smooth shading

If we have a quad that is non-planar. Why do most 3d modeling packages choose to use a single normal for the quad (Specifically for Blender3d by using cross product of two edge's vectors that do not ...
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