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Radiosity VS Ray tracing

Radiosity is basically what allows this: In a tutorial of Cornell University about Radiosity it is mentioned that: A ray-traced version of the image shows only the light reaching the viewer by ...
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Volumetric rendering fundamental concepts and terminology

Literature on rendering volumetric materials and effects tends to use a lot of mathematical physics terminology. Let's say that I have a decent handle on the concepts involved in surface rendering. ...
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How does Smith multiple scattering interact with diffuse subsurface scattering?

The Multiple Scattering Microfacet BSDFs with the Smith Model paper describes a statistical model for replacing the masking-shadowing functions in microfacet BSDFs (which account for paths with more ...
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Predicting reflectance functions from complex surfaces

There are three principal ways to obtain a BRDF. We can Derive an analytic formula using physical principles Use simulation given an assumed or measured model of the surface microgeometry Measure the ...
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Term confusion about volume scattering

We have two different terms, for example, let's talk about scattering only. Scattering coefficient Scattering cross-section These two terms are supposed to have different physical meaning. I read it ...
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Adding Ozone to my sky simulation

I implemented a simulation for the colour of the sky a while ago by following the scratch a pixel tutorial: I ...
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