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What is "Scanline Racing"

I've heard a lot of people working on VR talk about scanline racing and that it's supposed to help improve latency for motion-to-photon. However, it isn't clear to me how this can be done with OpenGL....
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Is there some kind of Bresenham algorithm or equivalent for scanline rendering a rotated ellipse?

Back in the day when you often had to write your own low level rendering algorithms we all used to learn the Bresenham algorithms for lines and circles. It was almost trivially easy to extend the ...
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Why is the scan line filling algorithm so seemingly over complicated?

It makes use of tables, buckets, and sorting, which all seem unnecessary. I don't understand why I can't just fill between pairs of scan line intersections, ignoring vertices and edges with gradient ...
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A solution to sprite visibility in a raycasting engine with variable wall heights?

I am writing a raycasting engine. At this point, I have added sprites, and I am using a z-buffer, with one stored length to a wall for the x coordinate of each ray. Below is an image of a sprite which ...
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Scan Line Polygon Fill Edge Table Entry Order

I am trying to figure out the correct order between edges on edge table on scan line polygon fill. One example here on Y=1 takes first ...
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Is drawing Bezier curve with scanline algorithm possible with Vulkan?

As an information, Vulkan is a low-level abstraction layer thru modern GPU. It allows programmers to program the GPU and assemble rendering pipeline. On that pipeline, there are modules of program ...
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How to do a scanline fill with a self intersecting polygon?

I have a bezier curve and would like to draw it's stroke. To do that, I planned to approximate the stroke to a polygon and fill it with a scanline algorithm. While I feel confident about implementing ...
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How to make sure that triangles share edges (also not overlap each other) when rendering a quadrilateral?

Here is my simple scanline-based triangle rasterizer using pure integer arithmetic. I adapted the code from this Stack Overflow answer The below code attempts to render a coloured quadrilateral by ...
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