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Questions tagged [reflection]

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Normal mapping for planar reflections

Ok guys, tricky one! I'm trying to modify this Unity script + shader to include normal mapping. The tl;dr is, it uses a single texture rather than a cubemap as it is only for reflecting in a planar ...
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How can i achieve reflections like this?

I was in my elevator when i saw this... As you can see here that reflections are kind of stretched. What causes this? And how can we achieve something like this in computer graphics?
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Fresnel and light reflection/refraction

I keep reading about fresnel and there is one thing I don't fully understand. My understanding : Here is my understanding so far, so please correct me where I am wrong. Fresnel is related to ior (eta)...
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Calculating intensities of Virtual Point Lights in Instant Radiosity from IES lights

Short introduction I created a function that interpolates the IES luminious intensities (candelas) using Hermite interpolation, so in my code all light sources have $I(\theta, \phi)$ function - but ...
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BlinnPhong sphere edges look worse than Phong. Am I doing it wrong? (code and pictures included)

First of all, I am completely new to this so please excuse me if this is a dumb question. I am following the book Real-Time 3D Rendering with DirectX and HLSL, for now implementing shaders in Nvidia ...
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Normal mapping should affect specular reflections?

I'm asking this question on behalf of a friend so can't provide any images for now. The problem is to simulate a car paint material with some flakes or graininess in it. This is first done in blender ...
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Why Screen Space effects flicker?

Nowadays is less of an issue, i think SS got massaged a little bit, but you can still spot it. These happen with SS Reflections, SSAO and Bloom. When you move the camera, the effect starts to flciker ...
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Pathtracing specular reflections vs. specular highlights

In path-tracing, is a specular reflection model like Blinn-Phong useful? Is it more accurate to render a complete reflection dependent on the objects roughness?
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Understanding the BRDF Equation

I am studying the BRDF equation. From Wikipedia, the equation is as follows: I have one main question: Where does the $\cos{\theta_i}$ in the denominator come from? The denominator implies that $...
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How to pick values of ambient, diffuse, specular for Phong Lighting?

I have the following code in python using the vedo package ...
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Color shading and light calculation for ray tracing

I am currently building a ray tracer and I came across a problem and confusion regarding the light calculations. For lighting, I am using the following mathematical model: Where ...
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What is a good way to do reflection and refraction in small environment for bumpy planar surface?

I am implementing a water simulation program using OpenGL. However I could not decide which technique to use for reflection and refraction. The water is wavy and there are dynamic objects around the ...
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