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What stops the auto-generated 3D worlds of Google Earth Pro from being MUCH more detailed and accurate?

I'll admit it blew my mind when I first realized that you could actually enter a "first-person mode" in Google Earth Pro, and not just view the 3D maps from a floating camera in the air. But ...
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What exactly is it about reality that is so difficult to recreate in a 3D simulation?

I have to admit that, while watching footage of the enhanced 2020 version of the 2018 game Forza Horizon 4, when they are driving fast, I have to sometimes remind myself that I am watching a video ...
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The reciprocity of BRDF

Many books describe that a BRDF has the following property (reciprocity): $$f_r(x, \Theta \to \Psi ) = f_r(x, \Psi \to \Theta)$$ Why is the above equation correct? I think the above equation ...
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What is the potential equation in PBR?

I'am studying PBR and the book introduce the potential equation. They said the potential equation can describe shooting algorithms better, and $W(x, \theta)$ describes the fraction of the radiance $L(...
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How would I create a virtual cabling system?

I am trying to devise a GUI system that functions as a virtual patchbay, as seen in something like Logic Studio's environment editor, or seen in virtual synthesizers that use virtual patchcables. I'm ...
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What kind of technology would be involved in the rendering of human nails?

There are many references related to the physically-based rendering of several natural features of the numan body, such as skin, hair, eyes. However, I could not find specific information about the ...
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