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Compute angles and thereby endpoints in a raster grid?

I am at the moment having some issues with computing an endpoint in a raster grid that is also a valid position in a graph. I am trying to draw a line between these two points, but as the point I am ...
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Normalization technique to increase spread of data in rgb space

I am visualizing a dataset. My technique is to encode the data into a rgb image with the channel range [0, 255]. The data clusters in a narrow range relative to [0, 255], however, so I'm not getting ...
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Deskewing and Cropping Scans using ImageMagick

Attempting to deskew and crop scans of a CD booklet using ImageMagick. Here's one image which I've been using as an example on which to build my one-liner -!jIQD3aqC!PbjG4_Xaq-...
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Animated bitmaps with 2 colours only

I want to create an animated GIF, but instead of 8-bit 256 colours, my data is comprised of binary bitmaps of black/white pixels. Can GIF accommodate this, or are pixels in GIF always 8-bit indices? I ...
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How to render a rotated raster image with lesser aliasing

I am wondering about techniques for rendering a rotated and or scaled raster image. Currently I use the following algorithm Render everything at double resolution and store the result in ...
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How is the image reconstruction filter on the path space defined in terms of the filter on the raster space?

Say we have a image reconstruction filter $h:R\to\mathbb R$ defined on the raster space $[0,w]\times[0,h]$, where $w,h\in\mathbb N$ define the width and height of the image plane in pixels, ...
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