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Questions tagged [processing]

Processing is an open source programming language and integrated development environment (IDE) built with the purpose of teaching the fundamentals of computer programming in a visual context.

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UHD monitor showing artifacts for cetrain patterns, e.g. lighter lines, or image turns to green on purple

I wonder, why black-white pixels pattern as seen on this page is displayed wrongly by UHD LCDs (on all i tried). Please note, that it must be displayed 1:1 ...
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1 answer

Output to more than one canvas texture in processing with shader OpenGL

as the question suggests im looking to output to more than one canvas element in processing to speed up the calculations and limit shader draw calls. It has to be as simple as possible to be ...
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3D projection Axis inversion problem (Java/Processing)

Unfortunately, I always had problems with math and was never good at it. I'm currently trying to combine math with my knowledge and my passion for programming. Brief introduction: In math, we have ...
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How to deform an object in glsl? (processing)

I am a beginner in glsl and processing. I have a cube, can I know how to deform it using mathematical or progammatical functions? ...
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1 answer

How to use PCA to reconstruct 3D Mesh?

Given a set of human body mesh {S_i}, for each S_i, the points are N*3, we can do PCA on that. We can use PCA to reduce the dimension of {S_i}, for example to k dimension. Let the main direction of ...
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How does Processing language relate to the industry standard?

Here are its docs: Processing is described as a 'language built with the purpose of teaching non-programmers the fundamentals of computer programming in a visual ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Understanding camera() settings in Processing

I have trouble understanding the way a camera is set in Processing (according to the reference this shoudn't be very different from OpenGl). For starters, when I set the eye position of the camera I ...
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Issue with size() function in Processing language?

I´m new to the Processing language. Trying to do my first sketch I´m having trouble with the dimension of the display window width and height because even though I´ve tried putting a variety of values ...
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