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Graphics API and double precision

For scientific reasons, we have to use doubles in our shaders. We don't need to talk about trying to store data in floating point numbers and so on. I know there is special GPU hardware for double ...
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Why need glClipControl-like extensions when implementing ReverseZ in opgl?

I read this article ( about reverseZ and I'm confused about why is glClipControl necessary.Can't we juse modify ProjectionMatrix to make ...
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Precision problems when rendering whole planets

I'm trying to implement a camera, which is able to go very close to a planet/moon surface, without flickering surface. The problem: Right now the position of a planet / moon is saved at the center of ...
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How do (Direct3D) precision conversions for floats work?

There is this article about conversions in Direct3D: I do not understand the part ...
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