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Facetted look when using SampleBias

I am writing a simple material system for a game. Each material can have a specular value (phong) that is translated into "smoothness" via environment map. Similar to PBR, I compute a ...
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Unfolding a 3D point to a Cartesian plane

I am writing a texture splatting pixel shader for meshes (not terrain) whereby I find a UV position from a raycast, which I convert to a local position, and then calculate a bounding box around that ...
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GLSL, Fragment Shader: How to separate functions (like noise, transform...) to reuse in different projects

I'm a total newbie to coding and recently got interested into generative art. This is my problem: I have to copy all of the functions I need (and there are a lot) in every single fragment file I'm ...
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BlinnPhong sphere edges look worse than Phong. Am I doing it wrong? (code and pictures included)

First of all, I am completely new to this so please excuse me if this is a dumb question. I am following the book Real-Time 3D Rendering with DirectX and HLSL, for now implementing shaders in Nvidia ...
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Cannot use variable as texture sample value - HLSL DirectX11

I ran into strange problem. My HLSL VS won't compile for given lines: ...
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Sub pixel rendered white text on black background changes color when resized to a very small size

download: The above picture is an example for sub pixel rendering. I tried resizing the image to very small size in ...
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