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What is a good algorithm, and framework, to calculate centres of gravity or mass (cog)?

I'd like to take an photograph, subdivide it into a tesselation, either of squares, or (ideally), hexagons, and then find the centre of gravity (or, if you prefer, centre of mass) of each cell of the ...
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Implementing monte carlo path traced refractions problem

I am writing a forward monte carlo path tracer with the added feature of specular refractions for transparent materials, I have managed to come this far but something is not quite right and I am ...
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Narrow-phase CCD in FEM topology query (finite element method)

I am implementing IPC from siggraph2020, and one of its step is about CCD line search, where CCD is applied each iteration in the descent method in a part of the algorithm. I have implemented CCD ...
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3D Bouncing Cube

I'm trying to write a little program with a bouncing cube but I can't find the right x, y, z and angle for it. I have these lines: ...
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