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How physically-based is the diffuse and specular distinction?

The classical way of shading surfaces in real-time computer graphics is a combination of a (Lambertian) diffuse term and a specular term, most likely Phong or Blinn-Phong. Now with the trend going ...
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How to build a decent lens/camera objective model for path tracing?

I have written a small path-tracer after learning and experimenting on smallpt. The only thing that I did not write (and understood) myself is how the initial rays are computed and fired from the ...
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13 votes
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What physical properties are “lacking” to keep this 3D scene from looking like a real photograph?

So I know that I'm basically asking to identify the main problem to be solved in creating realistic 3d Graphics, but as someone without much technical experience in the field, I'm curious that if ...
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Resulting Probabilty Density in Path Tracer for paths using Next Event Estimation

I am trying to implement my own Gradient Domain Path Tracer by following the code of this guy who already implemented it: I already managed to ...
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Why is the approximation valid, in the formula provided by Brian Karis?

I'm sorry I'm bringing this topic up again, but I need to expound some of the topics. With reference to this question, I was wondering if someone can help me out in expanding some of the details. In ...
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How to ensure that a randomly-generated velocity vector moves the camera forward within a valid arc?

I spawn a camera in a scene using random coordinates for x and y and setting z=0 and orient ...
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