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Calculation of the photon of the object

Recently I'm reading the book computer grahpics : principle and practice and I encountered first weird things. Ordinary bulb consumes 100W per second, and 2% is used to emit the light. Then how do I ...
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How to count the photons when Photon Mapping

I wrote a rather elegant and compact Photon Mapper in CUDA. But I treat all my photons they same, and ignore their colour. This simplicity has some nice properties: e.g. I can just count them with one ...
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Rendering Equation for photons carrying flux

I am trying to understand the mathematical/physical foundations of photon mapping better. In the forward photon tracing step it is established, that the rays are carrying portions of total power (...
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How should I understand path-space measurement equation?

I read the corresponding chapter of PBRT-v3, as well as Veach's thesis which introduced BDPT. However I didn't quite understand why we use the measurement equation. It seems that the measurement ...
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Explain Radiance Estimate for photon mapping

I'm adding photon mapping to my current raytracer to add indirect lighting. Can someone explain how the radiance estimate works in simple terms and with some simple math? I have read a lot of ...
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Caustics: methods to render?

What are the recommended ways to render caustics? I am aware bidirectional path tracing and photon mapping can do this. Could someone give a brief overview of photon mapping and a good resource of ...
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