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28 votes
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Does a sphere projected into 2D space always result in an ellipse?

My intuition has always been that when any sphere is projected into 2D space that the result will always mathematically be an ellipse (or a circle in degenerate cases). In the past when I was ...
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1 answer

Perspective Correct Texture Mapping

So I'm trying to correctly map my textures in my software renderer using the u, v coordinates but I can't seem to get it working. I got affine texture mapping working. This is what I can produce using ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Inverse value in a Perspective Matrix

I am a new leaner of computer graphics. I'm trying to understand a code I found online and I got stuck in the following formula: ...
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What's the difference between orthographic and perspective projection?

I have been studying computer graphics, from the book Fundamentals of Computer Graphic (but the third edition), and I lastly read about projections. Though, I didn't exactly understand what's the ...
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