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22 votes
1 answer

Why is this conditional in my fragment shader so slow?

I have set up some FPS-measuring code in WebGL (based on this SO answer) and have discovered some oddities with the performance of my fragment shader. The code just renders a single quad (or rather ...
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16 votes
1 answer

Is a constant condition more costly than switching shaders?

In general, branching in shaders is not a good idea. But now I have a shader with a condition that is constant with respect to the entire draw call. So the branch that is executed is always the same ...
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11 votes
3 answers

Why do Vertex Buffer Objects improve performance?

From my basic understanding, a Vertex Buffer Object works something like this (pseudo code): Normally, if one wanted to say, draw a square, one could issue line drawing commands. ...
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63 votes
3 answers

When is a compute shader more efficient than a pixel shader for image filtering?

Image filtering operations such as blurs, SSAO, bloom and so forth are usually done using pixel shaders and "gather" operations, where each pixel shader invocation issues a number of texture fetches ...
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Convert one triangle to another in matrix4x4?

The context openGL instances learning. I want to transform a reference triangle to another one. So final goal is to have one triangle and the instance being a transformation of that initial triangle. ...
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