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Questions about equi-angular sampling

Equiangular sampling is a sampling method for point (sphere) emitter in scattering medium. While it claims to be very efficient when dealing with point (sphere) emitter in scattering medium (see this ...
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Why RGB value bigger than 1 when convert from spectrum in PBRT-V3

In PBRT-V3, the light has following spectrum in scene file(Note that the scene file is not come from PBRT itself): ...
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Plotting pbrt-v3 Gaussian filter

I want to plot the Gaussian filter of pbrt-v4 with a radius $(100,100)$ and a standard deviation ($\sigma$) of $0.5$. I would expect something like this: When I plot the pbrt-v4 Gaussian filter with ...
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Why is there a T factor in the definition of Shah given in Matt Pharr's Physically Based Rendering?

The specific chapter about this is here - Sampling Theory Unlike what I read anywhere else, it defines Shah as: $$Ш_T(x)=T\sum\nolimits_i{\delta{(x-Ti)}}$$ And the T is still present in the ...
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An equation about PDFs and differentials in the book of pbrt-v3

Why does the equation at the bottom of the following page hold? $p(\theta,\phi)d\theta d\phi=p(\omega)...