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Questions tagged [optimization]

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Need help understanding this simplification/optimization for a very basic GLSL shader

i'm currently following a tutorial on youtube to get started with computer graphics (shaders) and it contains the following GLSL code: ...
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Is there a Performance Penalty for LOD objects with different topology?

I have a fairly complex-shaped object I've modeled, and in creating the LOD meshes, I've merged some verts, deleted some and even added some after in cases where this manipulation produced an n-gon. ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Understanding inequality to equality in the Hartmann & Gribbs frustum planes extraction method

I've been reading this article on how to extract the plane equations from the view and projection matrices. And I can understand most of it. However, the only thing that is unclear to me (and that ...
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Ray Tracing Bounding Volume Hierarchies nodes

I'm new to computer graphics programming so I apologize in advance if my question is stupid. I'm trying to implement a BVH for my ray tracer and I looked at some lectures explaining BVH. They all ...
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2 answers

Why is my raycaster so slow?

I'm trying to write a raycaster similar to Voxlap, but it's many times slower. I've tried octrees, but the performance gains are marginal- only 10 to 20 percent. I use the algorithm from this site: ...
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Fuse 3D-Points in Bundle Adjustment? [closed]

(Crossposting from here: I'm actually implementing my own Pose-Estimation/- and -Refinement ...
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4 votes
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Is a branched discard to be avoided

When a simulating a camera, I may run into the situation that a black elliptic border is needed (rather than a rectangular image). In this case I have the option to discard the fragment in the ...
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How to get assembly code from GLSL Shader

I am new to optimizing shader code. Now that I have written an "optimzation", I want to make sure that it really speeds things up and is not just an unreadable version of what I intend to do. For this,...
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