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How to sprite cast in a raycasting engine?

I'm trying to render sprites/textures in my raycasting engine, but I don't quite understand the math behind drawing the columns of the texture I intend to project. I've tried looking at several ...
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A solution to sprite visibility in a raycasting engine with variable wall heights?

I am writing a raycasting engine. At this point, I have added sprites, and I am using a z-buffer, with one stored length to a wall for the x coordinate of each ray. Below is an image of a sprite which ...
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Techniques for rendering high polycount models

I would like to know what common techniques are used for rendering large models, when using rasterisation within a graphics API, for example OpenGL or Vulkan. For example if I had a model with >10 ...
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How to deal with light leaks?

I'm struggling with light leaking through meshes (especially thin ones) due to interpolation between probes located on the opposite sides of those. First approach I took was mapping all static ...
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Sphere intersection occlusion (for hybrid raytracing)

Thinking about hybrid raytracing, hence the following question: Suppose I have two solid spheres $s_1$ and $s_2$. We know their centres and radii, and we know that they have some overlapping volume ...
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With modern fillrates and deferred rendering, is occlussion culling still relevant?

For example, while it's the current top-of-the-line GPU, the GTX 980 has a staggering 72.1 gigapixels/second fillrate, which with back-to-front rendering and/or Z buffer checks, seems almost ...
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How can I get a spherical visibility mask map for a point on a concave surface?

I encountered this problem doing my project. Suppose there is a 3D mesh model, e.g. a human face, I need the 3D visibility map at each of the vertices of this model. By the "3D visibility map", I mean ...
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What is occlusion?

Occlusion "is the effect of one object in a 3-D space blocking another object from view." With this definiton in mind I cannot understand sentences like: The interior of a tube is typically more ...
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