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For questions about creating or working with noise functions (in 1D, 2D, 3D or more).

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Why does increasing simplex noise dimension wash it out?

I just tried using this approach to create a tiling 2d simplex noise function with Gustavson's java implementation. The result tiled, but the texture seemed muddy / washed out. I decided to compare ...
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Noise shaping for dithering with gamma?

The context of this question is correct dithering of color with gamma correction. In dithering we add (shaped) noise $n$ to a signal $s \in [0, 1]$ based on a random variable $r \in [0, 1]$ $$s' = s +...
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Where do "fireflies" come from?

I'm using a renderer developed by other people, and I found there are fireflies. It is strange that in a completely diffuse scene, there are still fireflies presented. To my understanding, I think it ...
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What's the nature of Monte Carlo noise?

Monte Carlo rendering is just a process of sampling and reconstruction to evaluate the rendering equation. Why is it called noise rather than error?
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How to create a noise model with a constant PSNR?

My goal is to create a noise model so that the PSNR of the noisy image compared to the original is some pre-defined constant $\alpha$. This means the mean squared-error will also be a constant. My ...
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Confusion on the return value of turbulence of Perlin noise

turbulence function From my understanding, the turbulence in Perlin noise is to accumulate Perlin noise of different frequencies with different weights. Based on this understanding, the return value ...
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Perlin noise is mysteriously ignored when the pattern is rotated 45 degrees

I am creating different coloring patterns for my CPU raytracer, such as checker, gradient, ring, stripe pattern etc. The problems started when I tried to create a perturbation pattern (of a subpattern)...
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GPU Procedural placement - Creating evenly distributed sampling points

I am working on a procedural placement system on the GPU, inspired by the work done by Guerrilla Games in Horizon Zero Dawn:
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Concerning the Procedural noise's function, how would you define a squared magnitude in plain word?

By googling, I have found some definition of squared magnitude about mathematical plane applied in the gaming field, but I am dubting this is what we would mean in the noise generation's field. ...
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