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Confusion over Microfacet-based BRDFs and Normal Distribution Functions

Through reading various sources online, I've become a bit confused. I'll briefly outline what I think I do understand: My understanding is that microfacet-based BRDFs assume there is always a perfect ...
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What is a Gaussian Lobe concerning BRDF and NDF?

I was reading a paper about voxel cone tracing and came across this term. So, what is a Gaussian Lobe or a Lobe in general? I am asking in the context of Computer Graphics, BRDF and NDF.
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Explanation of math of the Smith G1 term

In appendix A of the paper Microfacet Models for Refraction through Rough Surfaces there is a derivation provided for $\Lambda(w)$ but the mathematics is very confusing. Could somebody help me by ...
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