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Algorithms generating large sets of random numbers to simulate real-world, usually optical systems.

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Is Russian Roulette really the answer?

I have seen that in some implementations of Path Tracing, an approach called Russian Roulette is used to cull some of the paths and share their contribution among the other paths. I understand that ...
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Multiple Importance Sampling in Path tracer produces Dark Images

So I recently implemented Multiple Importance Sampling in my path tracer which was based on next event estimation. The problem is without MIS I get images like, This is obtained by setting ...
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Scaling of the final image in Metropolis Light Transport

I don't understand why the PBR implementation of Metorpolis Light Transport scales the final image by b / mutationsPerPixel. The authors write: Each Metropolis ...
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How to build a decent lens/camera objective model for path tracing?

I have written a small path-tracer after learning and experimenting on smallpt. The only thing that I did not write (and understood) myself is how the initial rays are computed and fired from the ...
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Does cosine weighted hemisphere sampling still require NdotL when calculating contribution for indirect light?

When converting from uniform hemisphere sampling to cosine weighted hemisphere sampling I am confused by a statement in an article. My current indirect contribution is calculated as: ...
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Full Monte-Carlo Volumetric Scattering

I would like to add full monte-carlo volumetric scattering to my path tracer, but I'm having a hard time researching how to do it. Let me explain what I would like to do: A ray enters a material, and ...
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Rendering equation in terms of paths rather than directions

Path tracing seems to perform Monte Carlo integration where the space being integrated over is the space of paths (e.g. chains of rays) but the rendering equation is stated in terms of outgoing rays. ...
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Monte Carlo Importance Sampling

I am following the "Ray Tracing - the Rest of your Life" book by Peter Shirley and I am facing some troubles in the implementation of Monte Carlo importance sampling, and Direct light sampling. Monte ...
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Path tracer isn't converging

So I just completed a naive path tracer that uses explicit direct light sampling. Problem is the path tracer isn't converging. It's like a raytracer, showing a single image on each pass. More info on ...
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