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What technology powers a dynamic graphics app like Bitmoji?

Sorry if off topic. What graphics library or framework would be used to build an app like Bitmoji? If you're unfamiliar: it allows people to customize their appearance (eyes, hair, nose, etc.). And ...
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Best practice for managing many shaders and merging multiple shaders into one?

I have managed to greatly minimize draw calls on my recent project, but as I'm adding more shaders, I see that I have to switch more times and that is causing a lot of draw calls. What is the best ...
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MTLTexture getBytes returning blank image

Inside of my application I am trying to convert a MTLTexture into a CGImage or CIimage for use in other parts of the app. I am having a difficult time doing so because none of the example code I find ...
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Natural Environment Illumination in Augmented Reality

I've basically 0-knowledge about augmented reality. For academic purposes I've to study this paper I'm struggling trying to understand some ...
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Streaming video camera input from WebCamTexture on mobile? (Possibly via WebRTC or websocket?)

I'm building an application where I stream video camera feed from one mobile device to another in Unity. I tried searching for answers, but most of the topics deal with how to display a video stream, ...
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GPU not reaching 100% usage when frame rate is dropping

I am making an iOS game using Unity. I am testing some shaders that I have made for the game, and in some cases the device will run at under 30 FPS but not have 100% device utilization. Sometimes a ...
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How to reduce the number of draw calls when rendering one object multiple times?

Especially when rendering particle effects, the same object needs to be rendered several times with slightly modified properties. But these changes are often limited to properties like pose or ...
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Real-time translucency effect

While rendering my scene with OpenGL, I sometimes add an overlay which contains information, settings and a few draggable items. Currently, the overlay has a slightly transparent background to make ...
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