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Facetted look when using SampleBias

I am writing a simple material system for a game. Each material can have a specular value (phong) that is translated into "smoothness" via environment map. Similar to PBR, I compute a ...
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Cascaded shadow maps. Seams between cascades

I implemented cascaded shadow maps, where shadow maps for each cascade is rendered to one canvas: The light projections for each cascade are calculated from the bounding spheres of camera sub-...
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Generating Mip Maps For A Cube Map

Let's say I have a cube map that has a resolution of 256x256 for each face and I want to generate mip maps for it using a box filter. It's tempting to just mip each face individually, cutting the ...
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Rounding rules for mip level with point sampling

In shaders, when using SampleLevel intrinsic, if we pass 0.5 in the mip level parameter, and the sampler is a ...
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Vulkan: Compressed image formats and mipmapping

I am currently grappling with the computation of mipmaps for block compressed formats (BC7) in Vulkan. The limitation with these formats is that the size of the block compressed texture needs to be a ...
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