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Questions about a network of connected vertices, edges and faces to describe the shape of a specific 3D object.

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Gaussian blurring a function defined over a surface mesh

I have a scalar function defined over the vertices of a surface mesh. I want to compute an approximate (and generalized, I suppose) "Gaussian blur/convolution" of this function over the surface. I ...
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Human Readable/Writable 3D Representation Formats/Languages?

My goal is to create 3D meshes without the use of a 3D editor. So I want to know what representation languages and formats there are that are designed for this or otherwise that would be good for ...
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Which 3D algorithms does Windows 10's "3D Builder" application use?

Windows 10 ships with "3D Builder", a Universal App that contains utility functions to prepare STL, OBJ, 3DS, and other files that represent geometries for 3D printing. The utility looks like this: ...
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maximal convex patching in Computer graphics

Given a 3D object in Computer graphics, whose surface is represented as a 3D triangular mesh (mesh of 3D triangle objects), I need to find the maximum continual Convex patches on the surface of the ...
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Ordering a set of unorganized points along a curve

I have a set of 3D points (which I recover from a library that performs the tessellation of a solid body) that belong to a curve (i.e., an edge of the solid). That means that the curve surely passes ...
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Creating shared vertex normals on GPU

I've mostly succeeded at porting an implementation of Marching Cubes from CPU over to OpenGL compute shaders, but I haven't tackled normals yet and wondering the best way to go about it. My ...
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What is the benefit of using Half Edge over Winged Edge?

For mesh representation, what is the benefit of using Half Edge over Winged Edge data structure? I understand both mesh representations, the only difference is that half edge uses directional edge ...
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3D mesh segmentation simple algorithm

I am developing the algorithm reported in this article: Least square conformal mapping. Here is presented an algorithm to flat a 3d mesh on the parametric space, but i don't understand the ...
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Questions about Preconditioning Conjugate Gradient method in Baraff & Witkin 98?

I encountered some problems when implementing the cloth simulation algorithm from Baraff & Witkin 98's Large Steps in Cloth Simulation. Baraff & Witkin 98 Consider the cloth as a particle ...
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2 answers

How to determine the object-to-world matrix

I want to ray trace a triangular mesh that I load from a file. The vertices' coordinates are expressed in the reference frame associated with the object (i.e the mesh) and I don't know the object-to-...
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Distributed Mesh Processing with Hadoop [closed]

Is there a library to do mesh processing (slicing, repairing, etc.) on big models in a distributed way using Hadoop?
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After a deformation operation on polygons, how can I check for and fix inverted polys?

I'm doing a quick and dirty automated deformation routine on a polygon body. If it was a tree, and my axis was in the center of the tree, I would like to bend the body by bending the axis. I would ...
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Why smoothed meshes in 3D studio end up with the same number of vertices/triangles? How then can they be smoothed with the same geometry?

I am trying to understand why meshes that are smoothed in 3D studio (Modifiers/Smoother) end up having the same amount of vertices/faces before or after that process, as well as the exact same ...
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What is the simplest way to compute principal curvature for a mesh triangle?

I have a mesh and in the region around each triangle, I want to compute an estimate of the principal curvature directions. I have never done this sort of thing before and Wikipedia does not help a lot....
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Optimal memory access when using lookup tables on GPU?

I'm exploring isosurface algorithms on GPU for a bachelor's project (specifically concentrating on just binary in/out voxel data rather than real-valued fields). So I have a CPU implementation of good ...
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Pipeline to create Voronoi Meshes

I would like to implement a Maya plugin (this question is independent from Maya) to create 3D Voronoi patterns, Something like I just know that I have to start from point sampling (I implemented the ...
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How to Calculate Surface Normals for Generated Geometry

I have a class that generates a 3D shape based on inputs from the calling code. The inputs are things like length, depth, arc, etc. My code generates the geometry perfectly, however I am running into ...
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Why do T-junctions in meshes result in cracks?

I have heard from many sources that having T-junctions in 3D meshes is a bad idea because it could result in cracks during rendering. Can someone explain why that happens, and what one can do to avoid ...
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