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Questions tagged [mesh]

Questions about a network of connected vertices, edges and faces to describe the shape of a specific 3D object.

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32 votes
2 answers

What is the simplest way to compute principal curvature for a mesh triangle?

I have a mesh and in the region around each triangle, I want to compute an estimate of the principal curvature directions. I have never done this sort of thing before and Wikipedia does not help a lot....
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4 answers

Why do T-junctions in meshes result in cracks?

I have heard from many sources that having T-junctions in 3D meshes is a bad idea because it could result in cracks during rendering. Can someone explain why that happens, and what one can do to avoid ...
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25 votes
5 answers

Why are quads used in filmmaking and triangle in gaming?

In film school, in the classes of 3D modeling, I was told that when we model something for films we maintain topology of 4 edged polygons. Any polygon which has more or less than 4 edge/vertex is ...
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15 votes
2 answers

How to Calculate Surface Normals for Generated Geometry

I have a class that generates a 3D shape based on inputs from the calling code. The inputs are things like length, depth, arc, etc. My code generates the geometry perfectly, however I am running into ...
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14 votes
2 answers

Programmatically generating vertex normals

I'm working with Kinect face api, it provides an array of vertices and indices for triangles which is to be rendered to make the face image. The no of vertices and their order in array as well as the ...
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Calculating the gradient of a tetrahedral mesh

How can I compute the gradient for a tetrahedral mesh (3D)? For triangular mesh, I got an answer from the following post Calculating the gradient of a triangular mesh How can I get a similar formula ...
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1 answer

Finding geodesics on a mesh?

What are some state of the art methods/algorithms to find geodesics on arbitrary manifold meshes?
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2 answers

Calculate normals from vertices

Assume you have a list of vertices and their connectivity information. (I.e you can find all the adjacent edges and faces to each vertex). What is a good approach to calculate a normal from this ...
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Procedural generation of genus $k$ tori triangle meshes

I am looking for code or pseudo-code for the generation of genus $k$ tori triangle meshes. I want to get something like in the image here. Book/paper references, code, github links, etc. are all ...
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