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How to retrieve a mask for a partially filled 3D Truncated SDF based on its ground truth?

I am trying to create a mask which is required for a 3D inpainting task. My data contains 3D truncated SDF grid of size 64*64*64 with a truncated value of ...
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ThreeJS multicolor material

How can I have a multicolor material in ThreeJS? I'm looking for a way to have a single material and use one or more b/w masks to color the surface of the model with the same amount of colors; the ...
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How to retrieve RGBA mask used to transform image1 into image2

Let image1 be: And RGBA mask be: (45, 78, 251, 102) Apply mask on top of ...
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Implementing the derivation of the Smith Shadowing function for arbitrary distributions

I'm trying to implement the derivation of the masking function G_1 by Smith. The appendix of Walter et al 1, Hammons presentation 2 and this research paper 3 talk in detail about it and I feel as I do ...
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How to clip multiple tiled textures to polygon in Webgl / opengl

I have a bunch of planes each with their own texture in a grid. Currently I am rendering these as separate planes, each with their own texture, although I could use a single plane with multiple faces. ...
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Mask out parts of an image in OpenGL ES

I have the following object in the game It is a dial with the little triangle showing what part of the disk is being valued. The dial serves as a controller that sets a variable from 0-1. If the ...
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Why does the G1 term have a 2 in the numerator in Walter's formula, but not in Heitz's generalized formula?

In Understanding the Masking-Shadowing Function in Microfacet-Based BRDFs, Eric Heitz derives the Separable Masking and Shadowing function as (P.83-84): In the mentioned Microfacet Models for ...
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