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Spline interpolation library in cpp

Have been searching a lot for a good spline interpolation library in cpp, came across one, which is the famous Eigen library , having the unsupported counterpart for spline fitting.<Here>. I ...
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How to calculate interpolation between multiple skeleton poses?

I found out that I should use spherical linear interpolation to blend two poses of a joint. I cannot find what to do if I have hundreds of poses to blend except applying the SLERP iteratively. What ...
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What is the fastest way to rasterize a triangle?

I'm making a triangle rasterizer for my 3d engine because I forgot to make a depth buffer and I was wondering what is the fastest way to rasterize a triangle, I was thinking bresenham combined with ...
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Undo barycentric interpolation

How do I undo the interpolation of vertex attributes? I'm using unity shader graph which doesn't support nointerpolation. I assume I need to store 3 float3 with one component of each float3 being 1 ...
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Calculating ray intersection with two spheres (with smooth_blending between the two spheres to make them appear as one continuous geometry)

I have the following function to define the distance to the interesection between a ray and the surface of a sphere: ...
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Imprecise TEXCOORD interpolation of a screen quad in DirectX

I was debugging with RenderDoc an issue on an app based on Directx11 and 12 that draw screen space quads to perform various baking steps. These baking steps just render a quad in clip space without ...
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How could I remove this colour interpolation artefact across a quad?

I've been reading up on a vulkan tutorial online, here: This question should apply to any 3D rendering API however. In this lesson
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General interpolation practices

Say my animation scenario contains one mesh interpolating into another (possibly approximating over other meshes), using Bezier curves. I know that for smooth surfaces, where normals can be ...
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Choosing corner values for trilinear interpolation

I'm caching distances for SDF functions in volume textures for faster rendering, and I'd like to use trilinear interpolation for smoother edges. I know that I'll need distance values at each corner; ...
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interpolated normal vectors after tessellation. How to hash patch corner / edge vertices?

I have a 3D geometry (an asteroid) that is to be tessellated with respect to the camera position. Each vertex in the original mesh has a unique position and is stored once (VBO with IBO) In the ...
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How to make sure that triangles share edges (also not overlap each other) when rendering a quadrilateral?

Here is my simple scanline-based triangle rasterizer using pure integer arithmetic. I adapted the code from this Stack Overflow answer The below code attempts to render a coloured quadrilateral by ...
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How to interpolate between two MVP setups?

I am currently writing an AR experience. I have a Camera View Matrix, A Camera Perspective matrix and the Model Matrix of the content I display. The AR content should can be switched to "2D",...
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Methods to interpolate between 2 topologically identical 3D meshes

I have 2 3D surface meshes. These meshes have vertex-correspondence and have the same topology (same edges and triangles connecting the vertices). However, the vertex positions (3d coordinates) are ...
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Is linear interpolation in a 2D texture possible (not quadratic like bilinear interpolation)?

I am currently studying for a computer graphics exam and on the slides about bilinear interpolation it is said that it is in reality quadratic interpolation. An (on the slides) unanswered question ...
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Lanczos filter implementation issue

I tried to follow Nathan Reed post Antialiasing: To Splat Or Not to implement splat method. The image I am getting thorugh the Lanczos filter is very different than Nathan. I do not understand where ...
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How to do keyframe interpolation on matlab?

I want to do keyframe interpolation in matlab. If I understand correctly, it uses splines to approximate the the motion of specific pixel points within the frames(through transforms). Correct me if I'...
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How to do linear interpolation?

Here in my book they have shown interpolation using parametric equation of line but I am unable to figure out how do they found out t=|y1-ys|/y1-y2 , t=|AD|/|AB| , t=|CE|/CB ,t=|EP|/|DE| here is the ...
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