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What is view transformation and model transformation respectively? How do I implement each transformation in simple opengl program?

I want to know what is view transformation, and what is model transformation respectively, and what methods/functions in opengl could be applied to implement each transformation. Just simple ways to ...
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How much information should intersection routines return in a path tracer?

When designing/coding/"architecting" some geometry-ray intersection routines for a path tracer, there seems to be a spectrum of potential designs, with these two extremes: Return the ...
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understand a pseudo angle implementation

I'm trying to understand a go library for Delaunay triangulation and found out this function to calculate the pseudo angle Here is the implementation of the psuedo angle ...
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Z-buffering implementation with small triangles

For research purpose, I have to implement z-buffering algorithm to render 3D face models. But I got a problem that the triangles are too small to be rendered (i.e. there is no pixel covered completely ...
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Cem Yuksel's "Mesh colors" implementation/demo?

Are you aware of any sample implementation or demo application of Cem Yuksel's "Mesh Colors" or "Mesh Color Textures" ( ? The author does not provide any ...
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What is the most physically accurate representation of color possible in computer graphics?

I am looking for theoretical and implemented models to represent color in software that strives for physical accuracy. I know that "color only exists in the mind" and that it sort of does not make ...
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Is there any open code to get information about COLLADA or OBJ files? [closed]

I need a source code that takes as input a COLLADA file and/or an OBJ file, and gives as output basic information about the file, such as file size, model dimension, volume and if possible texture ...
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How is anisotropic filtering typically implemented in modern GPUs?

Anisotropic filtering "retains the sharpness of a texture normally lost by MIP map texture's attempts to avoid aliasing". The Wikipedia article gives hints about how it can be implemented ("probe the ...
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