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how to compare two slightly different images rendered by two programs

I rendered similar images using a Vulkan and an OpenGL ES program. Supposedly the two programs should generate the same result, so I want to test it by comparing the two images. However, the camera ...
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Is it possible to get recording device from meta data?

Im not sure if this is the right section to ask this question but i figured its worth a shot. Is it possible to take metadata from a video and use that data to identify what phone model was used to ...
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Aligning (matching) colors (white balance, brightness) of two scenes based on reference object

What I am trying to do is to become able to compare with reasonable accuracy two real world fabric/textures (colorwise speaking) at two distinct locations. I can't move them into single place to ...
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Visualize the variance of an image

Let $h_j$ denote the image reconstruction filter of pixel $j$. I'm estimating the color value $$I_j=\int h_jf\:{\rm d}\mu$$ of the $j$th pixel (see [Veach, Section 8.2]) by an asymptotically ...
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How to change a picture to fail comparison algorithms?

Is there a way to change a picture so it would fail to match against existing copy of the same picture on the big social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tinder and others? Desired ...
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Why isn't PNG preferred over JPG for being lossless art quality yet?

This is something that pops up on my mind once a while when I browse around the web for art and desktop wallpaper, since I tend to see JPG and PNG as the common formats. I just had to ask to get it ...
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Relationship between spatial frequency of an image and Aliasing

I was looking into measuring the amount of aliasing in an image. After reading through many papers and sites, I came to the conclusion that the best method to measure the amount of aliasing in an ...
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Image regeneration with nearest neighbor search

So what I would like to achieve is this: User submits Image 1 - this image is then broken down into X by X sized blocks User submits Image 2 - then the program/algorithm takes all the blocks ...
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ImageJ alternative for Ruby on Rails Development [closed]

I have an analysis management web system developed using Ruby on Rails and I need to analyse an uploaded image in my system. Using Java I used to have ImageJ included im my projects. Since I'm new in ...
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Brightness and contrast VS Gamma, is it possible to identify the gamma "correction amount"?

Trichoplax question aroused my curiosity and the answers in this question also reminded me why I sometimes use different gamma "amounts" to enhance images. Therefore, is it possible to determine the ...
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