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Constructing half-edges table from triangle list without hash

Motivation I am trying to refine a mesh such that each triangle gets subdivided into 4 triangles, but I want the vertices to be shared. For that purpose I need a half-edge data structure so I can ...
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What is a smart way to fill in the 'next' pointer of a opposite half-edge of a boundary?

I was reading this question regarding half edges from 3 years ago and the selected answer seemed pretty smart to me. However, while actually implementing it I'm confused at the part where I have to ...
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How to delete a face using open mesh?

Pretty much the title I am trying to delete a few faces of a mesh using open mesh, like this: ...
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Half Edge criterion to check if an edge flip is illegal?

I am trying to determine if and when flipping an edge is topologically valid. The current criterion I have is that it is only valid if there is no edge connecting the opposite vertices of the edge. I....
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