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How are rounded corners of user interfaces usually rendered in modern applications like browsers?

I'm just trying to figure out, how rounded corners are usual drawn for user interfaces in a performant way & as insight also try to figure out how it's done in Browser, as they allow for variable ...
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How to keep an object constant in screen space?

If you open the modern Blender UI and select for example scaling, and then you use the scroll wheel to "zoom" (move the camera along the radial axis). You will notice that the size of the 3D widget ...
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Bitmap-images or SVG

I'd like to create a GUI in my first Unity-game (2D). I want my GUI appear sharp in all resolutions (e.g. 1920x1200 or 3840x2160). The problem I am facing now is that I don't know if I should save my ...
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What actually happens in frame buffer when an image or document is scrolled?

What actually happens inside computer when the text, pdf, jpeg, ms-word or any other document(file) is scrolled? Does it generate a new bitmap image sufficient for the screen to display even for tiny ...
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