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Questions related to the massively parallel computing units targeting effective computer graphics in modern machines.

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How does Texture Cache work considering multiple shader units

Modern GPUs have many parallel shading units. I'd like to know how texture cache is managed in that scenario.
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What does GPU assembly look like?

I have played around with CPU assembly programming like Nasm, Tasm or Masm, but I'm really curious to know how GPU works now. However, i'm quite confused when I look on internet. I've heard about Cuda ...
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11 votes
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Why do adjacent triangles never overlap when rasterized?

Apologies for the following noob question, it's just I can't find a satisfactory answer anywhere... When I render a simple axis-aligned quad made up of two triangles, I don't understand why there's ...
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How does Texture Cache work in Tile Based Rendering GPU

How does cache work with tile based rendering? Are there any tips on how to improve cache hit ratio for it? (for instance, if tiles are processed horizontally and I have vertical segments of ...
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Does prerendering actually help performance?

In PC game development, after loading models, textures, shaders, etc in a loading screen, some games will render the models once to an off screen target to make sure the driver and gpu have done all ...
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What is the difference in overlay and framebuffer?

I have been trying to understand display and graphics. I feel that it's hard to make a logical image of the terms. I understand this: Frame buffer is a dedicated memory that has the image/video/...
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Modern Screen Space Ambient Occlusion Techniques

Down the road, I'm planning to implement one or another GPU based ambient occlusion technique. My goal will be to approximate a physically based offline renderer, so I was pretty happy when Wikipedia ...
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Cloud based VR would be the future?

According to the following assumptions, I think Cloud based VR would be the future: 1) Real world scene rendering needs ray tracing or other complex computing graphics technologies. It needs a lot of ...
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Why isn't multi-gpu handled by the driver?

I hope I'm not off topic here, but this seemed like a good place to ask something like this. I've been hearing about SLI and Crossfire for a long time and how support for it is lacking. I never ...
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