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Questions tagged [godot]

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Shader ported from shadertoy does not behave in the same way

I tried porting the main "Image" shader here this. My results are somewhat similar apart from the fact that "IRES" does not seem to behave in the same way as it does in Shadertoy. ...
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What kind of code would it take to visualize just 1 3d gaussian in Godot?

I'm trying to create the simplest possible implementation of the gaussian visualization code from this paper in Godot, but I just don't even ...
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How to interpolate alpha from CURRENT_ALPHA to TARGET_ALPHA for each pixel in shader language? (Godot/GLSL)

I want to make "trails" of objects on my shader that appear and disappear gradually. I am getting pixels (for fragment shader) where objects are from uniform texture. Basically, I have my ...
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