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The GL Transmission Format (glTF) is a runtime asset delivery format for GL APIs: WebGL, OpenGL ES, and OpenGL. glTF bridges the gap between 3D content creation tools and modern GL applications by providing an efficient, extensible, interoperable format for the transmission and loading of 3D content.

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Double quaternion skinning artifacts

This is technically about PGA motors, but dual quaternions are a subalgebra of PGA so for all given purposes it's the same idea. I have an animation in gltf, specified as inverse bind pose matrices, ...
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Issues understanding rotations exported from Blender to gltf

I am trying to write a raytracer in Rust that is able to load a .gltf file and render it. To do this I model a scene in Blende, export it to gltf (y up) and use my renderer to render the scene. The ...
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Loading Gltf model pbr texture produces insane results

I built a gltf-viewer on my own, but the functionality for loading glf was implemented by referencing gltf-viewer-tutorial, the result is not correct. Below is my ouput for ToyCar.gltf . The ouput of ...
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Starting from a basic glTF (such as a static sphere or plane) exported from Blender how can I add an animation manipulating its JSON?

I'm working on a glTF, precisely I'm trying to animate a "static" mesh exported from Blender directly acting on its JSON. In doing so, I'm following the logic used in this tutorial , where a ...
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