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For questions specifically about the Geometry Shader stage in the GPU pipeline.

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Geometry Shader Not Working

So I seem to have some trouble getting a geometry shader working with "glDrawArrays(GL_LINE_STRIP, 0, 4);". When I omit the geometry shader and make some minor variable changes, the vertex ...
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Opengl geometry shader input point to output point doesn't show any ouput

I am trying a simple passthrough just to get a feel for the geometry shader. I am taking in a single point and trying to output that point from the geometry shader, it works with the vertex and ...
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draw on cubemap with help of geometry shader each triangle covers each cubemap face (why??)

I want to do some complicated stuff but have problems with my geometry shader / FBO bindings. To hold it as easy as possible I reduced the code to a minimum. If this works, I could continue the hard ...
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Is it possible to send Texture Buffer to shader dynamically?

I want to send a series of integer to the geometry shader, while the data will be modified every frame. But when I try to retrive the sampleBuffer in geometry shader, it seems to keep output zero. Am ...
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Vector graphics output from shader program

I’m fairly new to shader programs in general but I have a question concerning vector graphics. I understand that a pixel shader can generate the color information to draw some sort of geometry on ...
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Generating the end caps of a cylinder using triangle strips for use in a geometry shader

I know how to generate the walls of a cylinder with triangle strips and the caps with triangle fans, but since I am working inside a geometry shader, I can only output triangle strips, so I am kind of ...
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Issue with declaring inputs to geometry shader?

I am trying to pass vertex attributes from my vertex shader -> geometry shader and then to the fragment shader. Pretty simple program, here is my vertex shader: ...
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How much should I rely on Geometry shaders in WebGL?

Geometry shaders appear to have been introduced in 3.2, which makes me wonder how common 3.2-enabled cards are, including support for Geometry shaders within WebGL contexts. Will I be cutting out a ...
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Is there any way to generate primitives in a geometry shader without any input geometry?

A few years ago I tried to implement this GPU Gem in OpenGL to generate 3D procedural terrain using Marching Cubes. The article suggests to implement Marching Cubes in a geometry shader to maximum ...
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