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GLSL, Fragment Shader: How to separate functions (like noise, transform...) to reuse in different projects

I'm a total newbie to coding and recently got interested into generative art. This is my problem: I have to copy all of the functions I need (and there are a lot) in every single fragment file I'm ...
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Why does the G1 term have a 2 in the numerator in Walter's formula, but not in Heitz's generalized formula?

In Understanding the Masking-Shadowing Function in Microfacet-Based BRDFs, Eric Heitz derives the Separable Masking and Shadowing function as (P.83-84): In the mentioned Microfacet Models for ...
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Reasons of the assumptions for the microfacet distribution function?

The paper Microfacet Models for Refraction through Rough Surfaces (among others) reminds us the following assumptions about the microfacet distribution function D: Microfacet density is positive ...
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