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Questions tagged [fourier-transform]

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0 answers

Sub-pixel image registration using phase

Currently I'm trying to reproduce the result by the academic papers Sub-pixel Shift Estimation of Image based on the Least Squares Approximation in Phase Region by Fujimoto, Fujisawa and Ikehara (...
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0 answers

Doing spectral analysis in GLSL, how can I get FFT-level fidelity in my results?

I'm using GLSL to do spectral analysis of an input signal. I do the math to associate each pixel (in a single row) with a frequency, then use [The Goertzel Algorithm][1] to determine the contribution ...
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Is it possible to separate or split original images (or videos) from a blend image (or video)

The title says it all. Blended image or video contains multiple image or video blended on top of each other. I am looking for any software or tools that can separate the original images or videos. ...
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