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Can you disable strip cutting (AKA primitive restart) on Direct3D 11?

Line strips and triangle strips are drawing modes supported across 3D graphics APIs, such as OpenGL, Direct3D, and Vulkan. When using indices to control drawing, a more recent feature is "strip ...
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Why my cosine interpolation of a cube's face doesn't work?

NB please : executable use cases are available at the end of this question. I begin this question by showing you the problems of my program, then I explain how the latter works, and finally I end up ...
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How do freehand vector drawing tools typically decide where to place the control points?

I'm devising an algorithm to take a freehand curve and make a bezier spline from it. I can do this already just fine, but it's a naive implementation that creates about as many bezier curves as there ...
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Using Bresenham's circle algorithm (or another alternative algorithm) to draw an arc

I'm trying to create some graphic functions for a ZX Spectrum (Z80) machine in assembler. I already have the basics except for the arc. I need a fast algorithm to draw an arc, ideally one that uses ...
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How to do a scanline fill with a self intersecting polygon?

I have a bezier curve and would like to draw it's stroke. To do that, I planned to approximate the stroke to a polygon and fill it with a scanline algorithm. While I feel confident about implementing ...
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How to handle object drawables?

Currently the graphics API I am using is Vulkan, but I am trying to find a general enough way to represent the following. In graphics, drawing can be generalized as: Get vertex buffers and send them ...
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Algorithm for drawing generalised circles

A generalised circle is either a circle in the plane or a line. The general equation of one is: $$A(x^2 + y^2) + Bx + Cy + D=0,$$ where $4AD - B^2 - C^2 \leq 0$. This can be checked by completing the ...
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