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Drawing "after" Present to achieve better performance

I had an application that was originally single threaded and worked as follows: gather the items to be drawn (occlusion / frustrum culling / sorting into batches) draw items using an immediate ...
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DDS BC7 Thumbnails on Windows 10

Is it possible to enable accurate thumbnail previews for DDS files that use the newer DX10 headers (DirectX 10 headers)? It seems there is very limited information about this. I did find a couple ...
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Compute shader in DirextX: difference between four kinds of memory barriers

There are four kinds of memory barriers in DirectX. Their names and definitions are: DeviceMemoryBarrier: Blocks execution of all threads in a group until all ...
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Conditionals and branching in shaders

This is a quite wide subject which implies a lot of topics such as the platform or the compiler, but I think that it could be useful for everyone to know more about this. A common mistake is to think ...
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OpenGL/D3D11 offscreen render multiple buffering

Recently I've been looking at Vulkan, and one thing that I noticed is that the application is responsible for choosing which buffer to render to in the case of multiple buffering. This got me thinking:...
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Optimizing texture fetches with higher mip levels

Let's say I have some shader program in DirectX or OpenGL rendering a full screen quad. And in a pixel/fragment shader I sample some huge textures at random texture coordinates. That is one same ...
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D3D12EnableExperimentalFeatures causes D3D12CreateDevice to fail

I am following Nvidia's DXR tutorial: D3D12HelloTriangle. I call below code before creating device and it returns true ...
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Rounding rules for mip level with point sampling

In shaders, when using SampleLevel intrinsic, if we pass 0.5 in the mip level parameter, and the sampler is a ...
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How to use unbound descriptor range properly in descriptor tables

I am trying to use 2 "D3D12_DESCRIPTOR_RANGE" in a root descriptor table,defined as follows: ...
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Storing array of floats within shader

I am about to implement a framerate histogramm chart for a DirectX Renderer. Ideally I would do this in pure shader code, but for a a histogramm I need to store the timestamps of the last ...
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16 bit SNORM format not correctly storing Z component?

I generate a normal GBuffer in my engine, and I store it using a R16G16B16A16_SNORM format like this: ...
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Invoking shader in DX

So I am new to the DX12 world. I am currently trying to tweek the nbody_gravity DX12 sample, but appending or calling another Compute Shader which is to add 2 buffers to produce an output in a ...
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