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How to account for self intersection with large ray tracing scenes?

I'm working on a hybrid real time ray tracing project and trying to tackle the problem of self-intersection with larger scenes due to loss of float accuracy. The logic I'm trying to use is based on ...
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Global root signature crash

I have a problem with RTPSO creation. Using local root signatures for each of rgs (ray generation shader), chs (closest hit), miss is working correctly. However, for performance sake, I want to use ...
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Does WebGPU Have Significant Feature/Functionality Gaps As Compared to Vulkan/DirectX12/Metal?

A friend and I are considering using webgpu native (more specifically C++ bindings) for a project. We were wondering, since WebGPU likely runs on top of Vulkan XOR DirectX12 XOR Metal at any given ...
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CBV, IBV and VBV byte alignment

The CBV (constant buffer view) SizeInBytes is required to be 256-byte aligned. Should the associated ID3D12Resource have a ...
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Corrupt values when writing and reading from the same RWTexture2D in HLSL/DirectX?

I'm playing around with DirectX 12 ray tracing, and I'm trying to read and write data to a 32-bit RGBA floating point RWTexture2DArray within a DirectX 12 HLSL shader. I'm getting weird corruption/...
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Difference between Passing Instance Data to Vertex Shader methods

I see two kinds of passing Instance Data to Vertex Shader in different Examples. 1 .Using a Uniform Buffer and filling in an array, like below ...
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Should I use common resource bindings across all my shaders in HLSL/D3D12?

Will unaccessed bindings consume cache or bandwidth? I want to improve cache usage by splitting the per-path information in my renderer across different resources, but I also want to keep my binding ...
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How do I access vertex buffers corresponding to different (bottom level) acceleration structures?

I want to render scenes like they are used in mitsuba or pbrt (see for example scene description files). That is, I have a list of obj-files. Each Obj file ...
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Imprecise TEXCOORD interpolation of a screen quad in DirectX

I was debugging with RenderDoc an issue on an app based on Directx11 and 12 that draw screen space quads to perform various baking steps. These baking steps just render a quad in clip space without ...
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DX12 Debug Layer doesn't output detailed error information

When I use the CreateGraphicsPipelineState function in DX12, there's an error "E_INVALIDARG One or more arguments are invalid." returned by the function, but there isn't detailed information ...
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D3D12EnableExperimentalFeatures causes D3D12CreateDevice to fail

I am following Nvidia's DXR tutorial: D3D12HelloTriangle. I call below code before creating device and it returns true ...
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Problems with distributed ray tracing and particle system

based on the ray tracing stunning effect, I'm considering a resilient distributed ray tracing implementation, I've just finished a basic computer graphics course, and I'm currently working on directX ...
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How to use unbound descriptor range properly in descriptor tables

I am trying to use 2 "D3D12_DESCRIPTOR_RANGE" in a root descriptor table,defined as follows: ...
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Clip Space View Frustrum Culling Not Working Properly

I don't understand why this happening. I included the code that I am using to check if a vertex is inside the view frustum. ...
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Am I creating my raygeneration shader correctly

Hi I want to create a ray generation shader which traces rays inside a box frustum given by an Orthographic projection matrix(XMMatrixOrthographicLH) I use the following ray generation shader code: <...
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Weird PIX behavior with DXC

Recently I've switched from FXC to DXC to compile shader model 6.0. It compiles well without errors (and runs well) but I can't debug shaders because on my netbook PIX says "failed to load PDB ...
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